Communications Strategy

Gone are the days when marketing, advertising and public relations worked in a silo. Ellis Communications Marketing works with each client to create highly targeted, integrated communications marketing plans that activates each channel and drives results.

We use the following four-prong approach to achieve success, our ABC’S of success:

  1. Assessment. An effective communications program starts with assessing where you’re already at. We use sound research and insights into your brand, key audiences, competitors and current communications strategy to understand where you are so we can plan for where you want to go.
  2. Business goals. Before putting together a strategic plan, we start by identifying your communications and business goals so we can determine key metrics we can measure to identify impact and success.
  3. Compelling communications strategy. We create individualized strategic communications plans that activates each channel of communications – Paid, Earned, Owned and Shared Media. This integrated, multi-platform approach ensures that our clients reach their target audiences, nurtures leads and achieves measurable results.
  4. Solid monitoring + measurement. Foundational to all of our work is monitoring and measuring the results that matter most to our clients. We want to know who was made aware of your brand as result of our work, but even more importantly we want to understand what actions they took as a result of this awareness and what bottom-line results you achieved.